At Panku we differentiate ourselves from other generic suppliers by way of committing to and delivering specialised and tailored outcomes relating to product and service.

Some of our points of difference include:

  • Extensive industry experience and technical expertise
  • Versatile product development and OEM capability
  • Indigenous branding and social investment options
  • Reputable brand partners = Product integrity and value
  • Commitment to support of local manufacturing
  • Tailored client solutions

In line with our core values, we are committed to developing relationships that lead to mutual outcomes and long term partnership.

We do this through:

  • Consultation and Value

    Working with you and your team to identify and understand the needs of your business. What represents value to you?

  • Product and Service

    Exploring your current range and service model to better understand your product and service needs.

  • Consolidation and Rationalisation

    Jointly identifying opportunities to consolidate and rationalise your current range. For example: fewer product SKU’s, increased quality and value, promote uniformed category use of product across applications, improved supply chain management.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Tailoring solutions with core focus around the development of a fit for purpose product basket and service model. Where the service model requires, we will set up an online ordering portal with a custom catalogue and pricing.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Road mapping innovation and service outcomes through adopting a model of Praxis (a continuous cycle of action/ reflection) to ensure we are proactively identifying future growth opportunities and value propositions.