Budadee Ranger Program

Budadee provides training and employment for remote communities across the Pilbara and has developed an Aboriginal ranger program which operates throughout Tharra (Woodstock-Abydos Protected Area) and elsewhere on Palyku country.

Their aim is to create opportunities for young people to work, learn about and preserve country and by doing this improve social and environmental wellbeing now and for future generations. Panku sponsors Budadee with equipment, PPE, Work Wear, First Aid Supplies and training.

Learn more about Budadee and the work they do here.

BRUS Bushfire Charity Match

Following the devastation of the Victorian bushfires in 2019 BRUS Bairnsdale Regional Unlimited Sports organised a Bushfire Charity fundraising event with the Brus Allstars vs Koorie Academy Allstars with funds going to support Aboriginal youth affected by the bushfire emergency as well as first aid equipment and P2 masks during the crisis.

Panku was proud to attend and donate funds to this event.

Koorie Academy

Panku is proud to support and sponsor the development of a Koorie Academy in Melbourne.

The Koorie Academy aims to nurture young Indigenous sporting talent and connect them with opportunities to develop and enter into professional leagues.

The Koorie Academy will adopt and provide a 'whole of life' mentorship and coaching approach to their program

Indigenous Procurement Policy

What’s it all about?

Commonwealth buyers can purchase directly from Indigenous businesses for contracts of any size and value using the Indigenous business exemption (Exemption 17) in the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. Indigenous business must still demonstrate value for money, but this can be done through a simpler quote process and as a Supply Nation Certified business we are sure to give Confidence When It Counts knowing we have been fully vetted as an Indigenous owned and controlled viable business.

The policy has three parts:

  • A target number of contracts that need to be awarded to Indigenous businesses.
  • A mandatory set-aside of contracts for Indigenous businesses to apply in certain situations.
  • Mandatory minimum contractual requirements for Indigenous employment and/or Indigenous supplier use applying to certain Commonwealth contracts (valued at greater than $7.5m).
Read the IPP Fact SHeet

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