Liquasorb Coir Oil Absorbent Granules - 50L Bag

Enviropeat Oil Absorbent Granules- 50L Bag

SKU: GX500-50


Enviropeat is a highly economical and environmentally friendly granular absorbent, perfect for the cleanup of all hydrocarbon spills on both sealed and unsealed surfaces. Contains naturally occurring bacteria within the peat which break down hydrocarbons over time.

  • Ideal for spills on gravel, dirt or rough surfaces as it penetrates small spaces
  • Huge capacity to absorb up to five times its weight
  • Gentle on the environment, the peat will biodegrade hydrocarbons and contaminants, returning the spill site back to its natural state
  • Its powerful wicking action instantly prevents liquid from leaching back out
  • Extremely water repellent (hydrophobic) so can be used to recover spills on water, or on land in wet conditions
  • Perfect for use in applications such as: Fuel Stations, Petrochemical Industry, Vehicle Accident Clean-up, Workshops, Oil Refineries, Airports & Shipping Ports
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UOM 77 bags/pallet

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