Ultramedic Basket Stretcher 1-piece 8.5kg

Ultramedic Basket Stretcher 1-piece 8.5kg

Ultramedic Basket Stretcher 1-piece - 8.5kg. 2178mm x 618mm x 189mm

SKU: SAN-0087-1


The basket rescue stretcher allows the rapid rescue of accident victims from hard-to- reach and confined spaces. The short design secures the patient's head, spine, pelvis and arms thanks to a particularly thick and stabilising belt strap construction. With its many grips, CONREST offers rescuers and emergency crews numerous options for moving accident victims out of the danger zone. Special attachments can also be secured to the carrying loops. These can be linked to a mobile attachment system that allows accident victims to be rescued from a sewer shaft, for example. A clear colour system ensures rapid handling: all of the attachment points are marked in orange. CONREST has a stable and solid skid plate that ensures the safe movement of the patient over edges or obstacles.

  • A leg pouch can be ordered individually where required. Both are also available as a set (item no.: SAN-9100).
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